LaariCoin company is based in Singapore who creates our own crypto currency LaariCoin. LaariCoin is perfect, highly secured, unique tool through which we are bringing benefits for tourists. 


Token Symbol LAAR
Estimated value $24
Token Price $2
Expiry date 30 Apr, 2019
Published date Mar 13, 2019
Tokens Per Claim 12 LAAR
Max. Participants Unlimited
Airdrop Link Claim Airdrop

Token Overview

LarriCoin is airdropping up to 12 LAAR ($24) tokens to their community participants.
Steps to claim:
1. Visit the LaariCoin Airdrop Form
2. Join their Telegram group and make a comment about the project. (Mandatory)
3. Follow their Twitter and retweet this tweet (Mandatory)
4. Like and Follow their Facebook page (Mandatory)
5. Follow them on Instagram (Optional, +1 LAAR)
6. Follow them on LinkedIn (Optional, +1 LAAR)
7. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
8. You will receive up to 12 LAAR tokens.
Token Requirement
  • Telegram Required
  • Twitter Required
  • Email Required
CLAIM AIRDROP  End’s on: 30 Apr, 2019
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