LOTEO is a fully automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent lottery, where your chances are incomparably higher compared to conventional lotteries.


Token Symbol LOTEU
Estimated value $20
Token Price $0.1
Expiry date 15 Apr, 2019
Published date 15 Mar, 2019
Tokens Per Claim 200 LOTEU
Max. Participants Unlimited
Airdrop Link Claim Airdrop

Token Overview

Loteo is airdropping 200 LOTEU tokens ($ 20) to their airdrop participants.
Steps to claim:
1. Register for the Loteo Airdrop.
2. Submit your full name & email and click on “continue”.
3. Join Loteo on Telegram.
4. Follow Loteo on Twitter and retweet this tweet.
5. Visit Loteo on Youtube and watch their promo video.
6. Visit and subscribe to their Reddit.
7. You will get your reward once the platform is ready by registering with the email you have used for entering the airdrop campaign.
Token Requirement
  • Email Required
  • Telegram Required
  • Twitter Required
  • YouTube Required
  • Reddit Required
CLAIM AIRDROP  End’s on: 15 Apr, 2019
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