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Token Symbol MRPH
Estimated value N/A
Token Price $0.50
Expiry date 10 Mar, 2019
Published date February 09, 2019
Tokens Per Claim N/A
Max. Participants Unlimited
Airdrop Link Claim Airdrop

Token Overview

Morpheus Network is airdropping free MRPH tokens for MRPH holders. You will receive monthly airdrops until the end of 2019.
Steps to claim:
1. S1. Hold any amount of MRPH tokens in your ETH wallet.
2. Submit your details to this airdrop form and register for the airdrop.
3. You must register for the airdrop before February 14th at 11:59 pm EST and complete your KYC before February 18th at 11:59 pm EST to be eligible for the airdrop.
4. You will receive a mail with a form to complete KYC a few days after your registration.
5. Once you have submitted your KYC details, you can track your KYC status on this Spreadsheet.
6. The more MRPH tokens you hold, the more MRPH tokens you will earn.
7. Once you register, you will receive monthly airdrops until the end of 2019.
Token Requirement
  • Email Required
CLAIM AIRDROP  End’s on: 10 Mar, 2019
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