Smathium is a blockchain-based loyalty platform aiming to solve the key challenges facing traditional loyalty programs. A decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty reward programs powered by a single token.


Token Symbol SMT
Estimated value $10.2
Token Price $0.006
Expiry date 14 Apr, 2019
Published date 14 Mar, 2019
Tokens Per Claim 1700 SMT
Max. Participants Unlimited
Airdrop Link Claim Airdrop

Token Overview

Smathium is airdropping 1,700 SMT ($10.2) tokens to the first 10K participants for easy social tasks.
Steps to claim:
1. Visit the Smathium Airdrop page.
2. Join their Telegram Channel and Group.
3. Follow them on Twitter or on any other social channel.
4. Submit your details in the Airdrop page.
5. You will get 1,700 SMT tokens.
Token Requirement
  • Email Required
  • Telegram Required
  • Twitter Required
CLAIM AIRDROP  End’s on: 14 Apr, 2019
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