The Bomb is the world’s first self-destructing currency. The rules are simple: There were originally 1,000,000 BOMB tokens created and 1% of all transactions are destroyed through a system of immutable smart contracts. BOMB was created as a social experiment to measure the feasibility of a deflationary currency.  

The Bomb

Token Symbol BOMB
Estimated value $38
Token Price $0.38
Expiry date 07 Mar, 2019
Published date February 07, 2019
Tokens Per Claim 100 BOMB
Max. Participants Unlimited
Airdrop Link Claim Airdrop

Token Overview

The Bomb is airdropping 100 BOMB tokens ($38) to their airdrop participants.
Steps to claim:
1. Visit The Bomb Airdrop form.
2. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details.
3. Submit the ID received by email in The Bomb Verify Telegram group.
4. All tokens that go unclaimed will either be burned or redistributed back to the community.
5. You will receive 100 BOMB tokens.
Token Requirement
  • Email Required
  • Telegram Required
CLAIM AIRDROP  End’s on: 07 Mar, 2019
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